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By zdeno
I have a lot work to do so feeding my procrastination I done a little color multilight in 1.7.1 because I envy a little 2.1 users their features ;)

I used simball scene but it was not so very clever because all walls are faked with IBL. so only on real geometry change of colors would be seen.

here is link to .mxi - have some fun

niebieski - BLUE
zielony -GREEN
czerwony - RED ... 213b944bq4


and specular reflection still looks white even with low iso.

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By polynurb
this download link is a little complicated... as it is more than 10MB no easy go if you are not registered or don't have a polish mobile.

maybe try another DL host, i think media fire supports up to 100mb free..
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By polynurb
thx poly for fast feedback
no problem!

that one worked.. at least until the moment i tried to load it into v2.5.1.

it opens.. but it's all black.

don't have 1.7 installed right now, so looks like i can't play for now..
Texture/finish lost in render.


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