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By Asmithey
I have a coop render going. MXCL stopped updating the the rendering progress at 6 SL for each of my two machines. The render servers show that the renderings are still going on and are currently on 13 SL and 12 SL So, is there a way to refresh MXCL without stopping the renderings. MXCL says it is still rendering but since it is not updating along with the render servers it has appeared to have lost its connection to the render servers??


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By polynurb
can't say what happened to your netrender, but if you want to know if they are actually still updating, browse to your "mxnetwork" folder and then for the "rendernode" folder in the node pc's user/temp folder, and look for the *_temporary.mxi and the image file format. see what their last modification time/date is ... should give you a clue if they are still working; if they are, i would suggest you can let them continue and merge manually later, even if the communication got broken.
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By polynurb
ahh.. that is the 1.x section.. sorry.. the folders are at a different location.. can't remember where they used to be with 1.7 netrender...
By zdeno
it is old thread but still ...

You can shut down MXCL (manager and servers are still active)
then lunch MXCL again and connect to manager again.

I found some funny thing. When you have few MRenders working, only first one can connect to manager without set IP manually
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