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Hi there,
I have a small building model with 3 instances. Two tree instance models and one vehicle instanced model. I was doing some tests to compare, rendering time, file mxs size and ram usage rendering with instances enabled vs. instances disabled.

It takes over 30 minutes to write the mxs file from the Form-Z plug-in with instances disabled. It only takes four minutes to write the mxs file when instancing is enabled from the plug-in. Seems like a very drastic gap in time for such a small model with few instances.

I know this has been talked about many times. The rendering speed is much faster with instancing disabled. But the file size of the mxs file and ram usage is so much higher. For this simple scene the mxs was almost 800 MB with instancing disabled and only 157 MB with instancing enabled. I use many plant, car and people models in my renderings. On some of my larger projects with lots of trees, plants and cars, if I were to render without instancing, to get a faster rendering times, the mxs file would be 8 GB or more. I would never be able to upload to a render farm and it would take days to write the mxs file anyway.

I just feel that it the mxs files were not so large, when not using instances, and it did not take so much time to process the mxs file from the modeling app via the plug-in, I could render more stuff in house and save on render farm fees.

My questions are, with V2.......

1. Are mxs files more efficient/ smaller in terms of there size, compared to a mxs of the same file written for 1.7.1?

2. Has the time of processing the msx file, via the modeling app plug-in, become more efficient/ faster than the time it takes with 1.7.1?

3. Has rendering speed been improved upon when rendering with instances, as compared to, rendering the same scene with instances disabled and in 1.7.1?

I do not want to run two versions of Maxwell on one machine. I hear it can cause problems...true?

I am too busy at the moment to encounter any quirky problems.

Hello Aaron,

I have not had any trouble running 1.7.1 & 2.0 with FormZ on the same machine.

You just need to swap out the plug-in, or I believe you can also have two version of Z (one app folder for each plug-in). Also make sure the correct version of MXCL is opening the corresponding MXS files.

I saw that the Maxwell 2.0.2 states slow rendering fixed with instances. Will definitely try it out.


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