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By zdeno
no Master. there is no coating, no sss, no displacement, no emitter.

just single BSDF ;) but You shoot in good direction - weight value is very aggressive.

and 1.7.1 only
By zdeno
ergo - another riddle solved :wink:

megaMess can be used in V2.0 too (when .mxm imported from 1.7.1)


and gladly I noticed 1.7.1 is more stable than 2.0 ;) ultraMegaMess can't broke output as easy as in 2.0 ;) - edit : it can be fixed in 2.1 but I didn't checked

By zdeno
for those who didn't catch it up a little hint ;) blending weight this single BSDF layer is precisely 1e+09 which mean 999999999 of course in additive mode as Tom guessed.
By zdeno
I rather though about flycatcher like this
and my simball used to be treated on very modern ways, and it says it is fun instead of only boring regular material previews

but thx master for another lesson

so any clues what attracts those all flies ? I can whisper it is honey not .....
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By tom
zdeno wrote:so any clues what attracts those all flies ?
No, it's not a surprise. As we know, 1.x development is over and it's only close to perfect, not perfect at all. These kind of dots (black or white) and stripes are usually energy leaks caused by a single or combination of parameters overflowing the final pixel value. No need to say these are addressed (99.9%) in 2.x as the material system is rewritten from scratch. You as a loyal 1.x user may think it's unfair having to pay for an upgrade for this reason but, it's not the reality. Upgrade offers you numerous new improvements and additional features while it has these fixes all for free... If you're making money with v1, it worths to upgrade and you won't regret.
By zdeno
No need to say these are addressed (99.9%) in 2.x as the material system is rewritten from scratch.
I just found another 00,1% my Master. dowloaded latest demo and imported some mxm to V2 simball.

but have to be fair in v.2.5.1 flies are sharper than in old rusty 1.7.1
another possibility is very fast flies catcher

those are from DRAFT engine (fire)
to be honest I didn,t manage to attract flies on production engine.

BUT .... instead of flies there "time warp" appears
with +bsdf and more light to show details
there is no .mxi merging or another dirty trick. just plain renders from one machine.

but plaing with flycatcher v2 shows a very interesting efects in side of beauty
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