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By zdeno
BINGO Tom !! as usuall !

it is "Tom's LightTrap (TLT) material" - but this one without BSDF but just emmiter with ZERO (0) WAT

NO - I don't tested it with 2.0 . I have some serious discussion with JDhill on another thread about - use or not to use 2.0 that is the question !
3dtrialpractice wrote:well "skarpeta" means SOCK in polish.. so i wonder..

the riddle is to find out what makes up the skarpeta material properties?
great language skill !! congrats !!
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By tom
But the fact is, it's not speeding it up. The one with that additional dummy emitter may boost up the bench but the amount of noise will be higher in same SL.
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By tom
I think I have to disqualify riddle vol.4 :lol: Because, it's not a correct solution as you can only blend/merge their flattened output. I mean, the features in a scene are not physically blended correctly this way. It's exactly same as blending HDR images in PS :)
By zdeno
true , but it is funny :D when You have some textures on local drive and after changes forget to copy it to rendernodes :D suprise is BIIG

about vol.5 - I rendered 4000X3000 px pictures with this trick and belive me , this is realy faster with same noise level from 24 hours to 18 hours , it saved me 1 day work with 4 view render
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By zdeno
tom wrote:It's exactly same as blending HDR images in PS :)
not quite :D when MXWLCORE merges .mxi's together it somehow KNOWS ;) what SL level anyMxi has. So with 15SL mxi merging 2 SL Mxi will have very very small contribution (which is very usefull BTW)
It is clearly visible when You have 1 PC with quadcore and Notebook with Celeron 1,8 . when You want to preview cooperative picture during rendering this noise from notebook sabotages preview with overall noise , but when render is stopped , magic happens , merged pictures are clear and clean.
Photoshop is dumber obviously ;) (but I didn,t try to merge noise hdr, with clear hdr in PHSHP to be honest).

so about this all riddles , I am just empty from suprices, so I want to thank You Tom for your attention. I hoped It will last at least 2-3 weeks but You devastated all in about 10 hours ;) (joke)
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By tom
When I said "just like merging HDR images in PS", I meant visually. Of course, MXI has more information but it strictly does not have scene information so, the merging cannot be held same as rendering 2 objects in a same scene (talking about riddle 4). ;) Btw, sorry for solving 4 out of 5! Not bad... and besides, you tricked in one of them :P But seriously, I'm more surprised knowing somebody else also knew these all. I appreciate your efforts and highly clever riddles. It was refreshing for me. ;) 8)
By zdeno
no. with ghost layer there would be some transparency
did You tried some render or this is just blind shot?
I can't try this at home now, because my quads are at office.

a main goal is to achieve "slow down" reducing noise in some parts. At high SL there should be no difference in noise level at all.
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By David Solito
It was a blind shot! Is it linked with some SSS with a very ridiculous coefficient on a upper layer in aditive mode with opacity mask?
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