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By zdeno
challenge is to solve the riddle , how this is done with material, there is nothing done with meshes, displacement inward/outward is the keyword
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By Maximus3D
You guys are clever and talented :shock: wow, there's stuff in here i could never do or would never have thought of.
I especially like the high grazing angle example and that multilayered reflection example posted on page one, great stuff guys.
This latest simball example with the negative looking displacement is something i've seen KurtS create earlier in his mxm thread. How exactly this is done i have no clue but when seeing the donut rings edges you clearly see it's a pretty high displacement because of the big gap on the front edges.

/ Max
By zdeno
Flattered X3 ! THX Maximus Decimus Meridius 3d !

but all aplause goes to Tom , I discovered this stuff in two years and this Jedi Master of MXM's just already knows this.

Tom wrote:Once if I understand the riddle, that's fine. I mean the image you've posted makes no sense to me.
Because You see this pictures in 0-1 format like in matrix , and there is completly no riddle to You . So this one is for REGULAR people.

or mayby this is because of my poor english. I just find some funny trick in maxwell core (after decompiled ;D ) that allows me to make material like this , this is +1cm and -1cm displacement in one rendering session aplied to standard simball , as soon as I know normal mxm material can only have 1 displacement factor (so there is the trick).
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By tom
Well, if you set offset 0.5 and height 2 cm, it will give 1 cm in each direction. But, I'm not sure what I'm seeing in your simball render. Also what do you mean by saying "this mesh under simball has another material"? Is there a way to show your trick on a simple plane?
By zdeno
tom wrote: Also what do you mean by saying "this mesh under simball has another material"?
I mean this one material is irrelevant (no matters in this contest) - I mentioned it to point that, this is changed in standard simball scene, but it has no meaning in this situation. So - don,t look at this mesh with colors to don,t lost focus on real goal.

doh - I think i will start to learn uzbekistanian .

tom wrote: Well, if you set offset 0.5 and height 2 cm, it will give 1 cm in each direction
?? I suppose this will not give such effect like in this subject picture, but feel free to give a try, everyone has simball on his PC, but not every one has "vase" ;)
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By tom
zdeno wrote:such effect like in this subject picture
LOL... I really can't see the goal in the picture. Did anybody else understand the question? What should I see in that simball. I only see an overly inflated simball with weird displacement on it, what's the riddle here?
By zdeno
tom wrote:with weird displacement on it
IN it - mayby this helps ?
Just try to do it - You will understand

It is impossible with one single face (not 2 faces with reversed normal) to make it looks like have thickness with one displacement map.
But in this one there is obviously 2 levels of displacement , I am losing resources to explain it better :D
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By 3dtrialpractice
can ya post a screen mxm settings of the 1st example with multiple reflections? is it just a bump/normal map that is checkered? and how/why does this work.. or why would you callit a bug/or not?
By zdeno
everything is TILED bump textures, as I said I used 10X10 pixels checker where 36pixels was white and 66 black

standard colors
0Refl - 153,153,153
90Refl - 255,255,255

BUMP = 100 - maped with texture TILE x-9999 y=9999 FILTERING off

as Tom said this is no BUG so , in every pixel of render there is hipooteticaly bump combined with 6 (or 9) faced object pointed in different directions.

I found this when I was trying to mimic ROUGHNESS with ultra small bump map.

EDIT: I misunderstood questions during first reading and mixed two materials together , sorry
By zdeno
to RIDLLE vol.4

calibration card , IN and OUT in one rendering session
the same situation as with first image but smaller displacement , just 1mm in an 1mm out in one renderind session :D
By zdeno

This is a cherry at the top of my cake ,

this material allows anyone to reduct rendering time to about 25% low when YOu render any interior with physics sky with direct sun.

Just watch. usuall scene
TOP view for better understanding
Far far away You have to add ONE SINGLE CUBE called SKARPETA about 1mX1mX1m
Perspective for better understanding and you HAVE to aply a riddled material to this cube
And Now there is the best. Normally (without skarpeta) this scene renders about 7 minutes
But with SKARPETA rendering times drops to about 4 minutes - You can save 25% time. Just compare.

of course there is something different with light solution but it is not bad in my opinion.
this SKARPETA trick does work only with direct sun in the scene, with only Skylight or IBL it makes things worse.

To be honest- this one material is not my production, I just found this one funny situation to use it . !

so who guess ?
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By tom
As a rough guess, it could be an emitter at a certain strength. Something very weak or strong (I'm not sure without testing) which could trigger multiemitter optimization in a positive way. Have you tested this in v2 demo?
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