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By Jakob Ryngen
I would like to share my experience with rendering the same scene (Benchwell 1.7 "sculpture.mxs") on different platforms:

On an overclocked (2,40GHz/2.76GHz) Intel Q6600 Core2Quad
# Ubuntu 9.04 64bit -18m 3s
# Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit -20m 14s
# Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit -21m 26s

Not much difference but Windows 7 is slower...

I tried the same test on another slower computer Intel xw4600 E8500 (3.16GHz) with 3.48 GB RAM
# Ubuntu 9.04 64bit -42m 11s
# Windows XP 32bit -32m 12s!!!

On a 4600 a 64bit Ubuntu is 10 min slower than 32bit Windows XP!

How is this possible? I am tempted to install XP on my main computer but am unable to do it right now and I really need the 8 GB RAM (that you can't use in 32bit)

Jakob Ryngen
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By Michael Betke
Wow really interisting find. Maybe it's because of different services and program running in the background?
And Maxwells optimisations maybe too.

A friend of mine uses a fresh installed plattform for productivity work only. He has his 2D and 3D programs installed. Nothing more. Plus he loads a restore point from time to time to keep his working partition fresh.

On his other Partition he has all his other programs. So if he want to test a program he installs it there. I will do the same if Win7 comes out maybe. I even considered a downgrade from vista x64 to xp x64.
By msantana
Hello Jakob,

That is interesting, I did some tests like yours and found this: ... 16&t=32056

However, I did NOT test the 32-bit version of windows.

Are you running/installed something else on ubuntu other than Maxwell?
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By choo-chee
yeah I had some stuff that rendered faster on 32 bit. however since scenes are getting more and more heavy, 32 bit is obsolete...
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