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Which format do you prefer for tutorial videos?

DVD Video
DVD-Rom (Downloadable)
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By jvanmetre
Like the idea...prefer to download.

Will the content continue to be free to members of this community?

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By d7mcfc
Downloads would be great. AVI fles can easily be burned to DVD if need be.

I'd be happy with either option but downloads are surely the greener option of the two.
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By KurtS
"the next generation of Maxwell" hmmm... I want downloadable HD Quicktime that can be burned to BluRay
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By d7mcfc
KurtS wrote:"the next generation of Maxwell" hmmm... I want downloadable HD Quicktime that can be burned to BluRay
I want a 3d holographic tutorial projected from an astromech droid!
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By caryjames
I would prefer to download or stream but I found that the quicktime movies had very low resolution. I knew about mvertas videos for about a year before I figured out how to watch them full screen. If I opened the link and let quicktime open the file the screen size was just a regular size and I couldn't make anything out of the files- way to blurry to understand anything.
If I opened quicktime and then chose to open the URL I could make it full screen but the images are still kind of blurry and often hard to read. P.S.. I have a high res 22" monitor

I would gladly pay for high resolution video tutorials!!!
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By djflod
Unlike my other tutorials, which were sized for streaming, these would be full-resolution HD videos.


OMG ... can't wait a second for it 8)
By voxelpictures
Do you have a estimated release date? Thanks in advance.
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By mverta
On a renderfarm? Renderfarm services are usually specific to the host company, so it's not something I'd considered... unless you're talking about basic network setup, etc., in which case, yes, I will be.

By voxelpictures
Hi Mike,

You're right, covering basics network setup for animation would be SUPER and enough. I used wrong words!! :roll:

An est. relaease date!?

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By caryjames
Mike that would be great!!!! I didn't mean any disrespect with my comments only constructive criticism- I figured out how to watch them a few months ago after JD reminded me and they really helped a lot!!!
Texture/finish lost in render.


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