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By Mihai
During the last week we have discussed expanding the number of testers for MXCL/MXST and the plugins so I'm starting this thread to ask our users if they would be interested in participating. We are looking for testers for all the plugins and notably users running OSX (PPC or Intel).

You can reply here with your system specs (incl OS), main application and version nr. Before expressing an interest, please evaluate your current work load so you have sufficient time to also run tests, since there will be quite a few testing procedures which you will have to complete. We are looking for testers who know their main applications quite well, and also have a good understanding of Maxwell.

So if you're interested, please reply here and the ones that are selected will be contacted via PM for more details.
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By Maximus3D
[Edit] : Nevermind, i don't care anymore.

/ Max
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By adri
Cinema4D v10.

PC XP 32 and OS X Intel Quad Core.

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By 4 HeRo
3d Max 9

CoreTM 2 Duo processor: E6300, 2gb ram,
256MB nVidia GeForce 7900 GS
Win 32
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By trofaster
3dsmax 9
xp32 & xp64
mxcl 32bit on both
2 duals and 2 quads
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By bjorn.syse
Working in Rhino 4.0

Running Win32 on an
Intel Pentium 4 3.20 GHz HyperThreading with
1 GB RAM and
ATI Radeon 9800 256 MB
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By spekoun
Cinema 4D 10.111 (x64) on Windows x64
Maxwell 1.5 (32bit now installed because of bad performance of 64bit version)

Intel QX6700, 4GB RAM, NVidia Quadro 1500
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By DrMerman
Hey guys,

I'm running :

Software : Maya 7.01 on Windows 32bit, with the latest version of Maxwell
Hardware : Athlon X2 +4400, Nvidia Geforce 7800GT, 4gb of ram (with the /3GB switch)

Dr Merman
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By bejack
Using Vectorworks 12.5 (beta13 sometimes).

Geometry exchange always via DXF.

PowerMac G5 2.3ghz Dual, 6.5gb ram.
PowerMac G5 2.7ghz Dual, 4.5gb ram.
MacPro 3.0ghz 8Core, 9gb ram.
MacBookPro 2.16ghz 2gb ram.
By theking2003
Our computers :

3ds Max9 64 bit Extension1 Productivity Booster
Latest versjon of Maxwell
Vista Buisiness 64 bit
Intell Xeon Dual Quad 3,2 GhZ
4 GB ram
GF 8800 328 MB

Also machines about the same, but in 32 bit XP

Been working with 3d studio since 1994, and have used Maxwell since some of the first beta versions.
By dkessler
formZ 6.5

Mac OS X
Mac Pro 8-Core 3.0GHz 4GB RAM
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By AndreD
my config:

Intel Quadcore
Vista 64
Cinema 10
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