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By yanada
If I'm not mistaken, that is a Fry render using S5. I love it!
I though So 8)
By yanada
It looks real. Maxwell could do it with it's SSS system, but would require leaf thickness = more polys.
Ain't Seen Nothing Yet 8)
By zampano
Thanks all. Sure you're right it's not Maxwell.
It would be a pleasure to do, but a missing Single Sheet Scattering (5S)
didn't allow me to do. It's a "must have" feature for vegetation if you ask me.

But also a hint to OnyxTree which is great tool for a reasonable price.
I love it. :P

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By def4d
For the moment, you win the competition, sad to say that, but shame that we don't have it...

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By yanada
impressive zampano :shock:
By knurrebusk

I´m a bit depressed that this is not Maxwell, but in time stuff levvels out.

Back to the bacic Maxwell/Vue integration dream.
If only there was a Vue/Maxwell material translator that handeled transparancy maps, and the rest would work via Max.

Maxwell can handle huge detailed scenes if proxy/memory is working.
Vue is miles ahead in replicating nature, but Maxwell miles above in lightning/materials.

Wet dream is Maxwell render plugin for Vue.
Vue is so uniqe, that even I can take the bugs.

Terragen 2 is an alternative, but not even 30% there yet.
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By 4 HeRo
:shock: top notch!!! :shock:
By knurrebusk

If We could do this in huge scale, and zoom in to small detail.

I just need my 21 century tools, for my work.
Perhaps I need to make the left over shit that nobody enjoy.

I respect the craft of roads in hilly terrain, same as rivers.
Animals interfering in this painting, so on.

Tons of small detail in huge scale, that make a difference.
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By def4d
Not Maxwell, just a first test with vegetation (archmodel)
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By def4d
Thanks Brian, it's just a way not to name the renderer!
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Texture/finish lost in render.


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