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By 3dtrialpractice
ohh very cool thanks dd_ !!
this was most gracious of you, cant wait to use em, and wen i do i'll be sure to give you credit..
thanks for providing em in 3ds forat so that i can now access em in maya!
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By Richard
dd_ wrote:words all im seeing is words
Man I'm keen to try the Big scene but it isn't in the "all3" packet of MXS files and I don't think the C4d file will help me without C4D will it?

I've been playing with this BMW SU model that I cleaned up but more so want to get the materials right and this would be great scene to do so! I'll crank some out if you could post the MXS of that one!!!

Mind you they won't be anything special but I'm mustard keen!
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By dd_
you will find the file there
dont forget unless your using the beta or rc5 you will have to change the textures to the new ones
this is 6mins into the scene SL 5 as you can see the bg material is ultra reflective
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By Richard
Thank you DD, will get snapping!
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By dd_
Nikola Olsen nice test, dunno about the scaling could be cause its from c4d maybe, dunno. aslong as one person finds them usefull (even after rescaling, retexturing for V1 etc etc) then i will be happy :)

no worries richard
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By zoppo
Nikolaj Olsen wrote:Hi dd_

... never really figured out how to see the dimensions in the studio

just look in a 2d view and zoom out enough so you see the scale.
woah old thread brought to life :) goto my blog mate <-- they are there well the ones i could find from my HD . i have thought about making some more to go with them and will post them also on this blog of mine so be sure to follow it mate :). Please remember that these are pretty old but still do the job :)
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