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By mverta
especially cars.. you need huge softboxes to get the classic "catalogue" look... they sometimes use softboxes 25'x36' and bigger!

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By dd_
thanks guys pleased you like them and can use them
as for lighting setups its easy to change the value of the bulbs/emitters for the different products to be lit. left to the user. these are just a basic setting same as scaling them up to the size of the light box needed :)
i may do more
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By dd_
macro light setup
tweak as needed, there is supposed to be an optional diffuse wall that goes all the way around the object with the lights behind but i think that is better of waiting till we get sss working
noisey but you get the basic idea
right thats me done
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By NicoR44
WooooW dd_ :shock:
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By wither3d
I love the lightbox models. Is there any way you can convert them to 3ds format? if so, I will find a place to host them or host them off of my website for some time.

Again, great models and specatular portfolio.
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By dd_
right here are all the 3ds, maxwell, c4d files in one rar. wither3d (or anyone else that cares to host them) if you can host them for me that would be perfect. let me know once you have got them please and i hope you can find some use for them.
By Robbe K
Thanx alot bro!! Really nice fo you to share them!!!
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By iker
Thanks a lot _dd :D
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By iker
:oops: :D
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