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By dd_
jotero if you have a site i can send the maxwell file to i can upload that too. then everyone can use them
i just did the c4d format as it retains all the maxwell tags
so if anyone has a site i can dump the maxwell files on then let me know, but i havent opened them up in maxwell studio so im guessing (well i kinda know) that it will have lost all the object groups :/
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By dd_
ok heres the next pressy

just a quick render to show you before you download
like i said its semi rigged(ish)
hope someone finds a use for it :)
By kitoc
Hey dd_

Thanks for sharing! Super!

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By NicoR44
dd_, could you export the files to *.mxs format for download?
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By dd_
and another one
ive changed the lamp head for one of those studio lights. same again rigged(ish)
and the file once again c4d format
if these are crap let me know before i spend more time on them :)
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By dd_
nicoR44 if someone has some space to upload them to then sure
also remember that these have been grouped in c4d so that grouping will not be there in the studio so someone will have to spend time doing that ( i may do it later )
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By dd_
right all 3 are in this rar file
its the mxs of just the lamps

EDIT: just opened them in the studio and they all work but the grouping aint done as mentioned, but ive named the parts (some small parts may have been missed - so shoot me :) )
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By dd_
ive set up a large(ish) studio shot (ish) using two umbrella lights and two studio ones
the camera is on a tripod just incase you cant find it

piccy will come soon
level 8.55 in 24mins on low priority- but you get the idea :)
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By NicoR44
ofcourse it's just a very quick test, but sl 10 in 17min is nice:

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By NicoR44
I will dd, your setups are really cool and very usable :shock:

btw, that's a very cool car!!!
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By aitraaz
great share mate!! :)
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By ivox3
_dd , ........diggin those barn door lights. ;) .....the lines between reality and maxwell studio setups is really becoming blurred to me. :lol: Virtual stuff is way better, ........cheaper. :lol:
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By Mihai
Thanks for these scenes, nice of you :)

You will need much bigger lightsources to get smoother shadows. The harshness of the ones you have are good for dramatic lighting but for furniture and small objects you need much softer shadows most of the time.

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Wow! :D Nice render

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