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By AndreD
I had problems with cinema too, so I decided to use studio.
I´m just working on a scene with a mxi-sky image and there are alignment problems.
Any ideas?

the mxs-file (from c4d) is without any sky-map. (added within studio)

Thank you and all the best,
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By zoppo
viewport and render output are not matching. this has been reported several times by me and others. no solution up to now afaik ...
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By AndreD
#239360 there is _no way_ to use mxi-sky??
(not with plugin, nor in studio?!)
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By AndreD
semms to be a confirmed bug.
I will not spend my time with this issue any more :wink:
(It worked in previous versions of maxwell, sad to find another "new" big-bug)

I will keep my frustration, no bad words today :)
hardware question :)

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