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By sidenimjay
houdini to maxwell

rendered on athlon64 3200+ 1GB ram

ALL 486 lite-brite pegs are dielectrics, also available in a VARIETY of colours!

GENUINE metal reflector inside wooden box!

CLASSY BLACK SATIN metal face plate!

INCLUDES ONE(1) light inside box, and TWO (2) low level fill lights . . .

DURABLE speaker cabinet styling on box exterior . . .

HEAVY DUTY wiring!

think i will hook the bass up to the color offsets thru chops and animate
(once i get a half million procs or more i can render it too . . . for this rez anyway)

surface color variance over the point or vertex, or varying parameters will decrease the overall number of shaders involved in recreating a michelangelo


any guesses on how long it may have taken?

all entrants receive a FREE download of the houdini to maxwell plugin!
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