By kuba
In the readme file of maxwel plugin states that the plugin is compiled for Houdini version 8.0.322. At the moment I work with Houdini 8.0.378 (tried to download the version closest to compiled one) and after loading OTL eveything works great, except rendering :(. Do you think it could be a version issue? or I do something wrong?...


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By sidenimjay
yes , the hdk is very specific to sub-versions

sidefx has been updating the beta like crazy and i have not been able to keep up, save requests.

since you are requesting the latest version , 8.0.378 i will compile that tonight and get it

if it has not been updated by the good folks at nl by tomorow, pm me and i will email it to you

please send any feedback here it will be much appreciated.

thanks for your interest!
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By sidenimjay
just got home and i see that sidefx has locked down a version for release 8

the current release is 8.0.383 -- unfortunately 8.0.378 is no longer available on the site, so i wont be able to compile for that version.

i will go ahead and compile for the production release , 8.0.383

if you really need the 8.0.378, perhaps you can ftp me the installer and i can compile against that.

if you are able to upgrade to the 8.0.383 release that would be most advisable as sidefx considers it stable for release

hope this works for you, and good luck!
By kuba
Thanks for reply sidenimjay :)

Great! 8.0.383 would be just fine. The newer version (stable), the better ;) So I have to hurry up and download 8.0.383 till it's available...
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By sidenimjay
The plugin for the production release of Houdini 8.0.383 , is now in the hands of maxwells wonderful authors, so it should be available for download!!!

i would love to hear about ANY experience with the plugin. is it easy to understand? any issues with installation? has anyone modified the associated OTL? Has anyone used the objectFromGroup OTL to automatically create materials and objects from imported geometry? how does this plugin compare (i am biased on this one )?

has anyone downloaded houdini for the first time because of the plugin?( i strongly encourage this behaviour )

i have a couple of renders using the plugin to post this weekend , stay tuned . . .

would like to get some screenshots, but houdini locks when rendering interactively and since maxwell comes up full screen all the time, houdini wont refresh until the render is closed :(
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