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By sidenimjay
this is nothing fancy , simply a small animation i threw together to test
material usage and motion blur with the houdini plugin

since there is not a lot goin on in the forum anim-wise , i thought i would share

all materials are represented in a an interesting 240 frame animation , playback should be 24 fps . . .

i prefer mplay for playback, that is the houdini viewer and is quite versatile with contrast and brightness etc . . .

i dont recall the render times or sample levels, but most likely it was a 5min time limit on a dual opteron 246 with 4GB ram , most likely the first cut of maxwell with SSS turned on . . .

have some other renders will post eventually . . .

can hardly wait till we have more than 2 segments to our blur . . .
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!