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By sidenimjay
whiskey i hear ya . . . . the crickets couldnt be any louder . . . .

i think too many people are afraid of houdini, and those that arent are too busy to play as they are all hard at work at places like Disney, Sony, DigitalDomain and Rhythm and Hues. houdini doesnt have any pushbutton effects, effects must be crafted, so one actually should know a little bit about the basics of computer graphics. also houdini has a rap for being soley an effects package, and a very technical and mathematical one at that.

however, thanks to sidefx's dedication to their product,listening and responding to clients, and a great confidence from C.O.R.E digital in sidefx's abilities has made houdini more user friendly than ever and more integrated than any other 3d app on the planet, a perhaps the finest set of character tools to grace the industry

houdini is a more open way of thinking and that bogs down alot of newbies as there are 1001 ways to do the same thing in houdini whereas in most other apps i have tried have 1 way of doing that same thing. make it easy to get lost in step one, where to begin.

the one thing i can guarantee to all is that once you have embraced the houdini way , you never ever ever ever want to go back to working in a limited manner like all the other 3d apps , oh and everything can be done with houdini . . . .
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