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By Steve Jepson
Just checking in to see if there are still any ArchiCAD users on this forum anymore.
By brightlight
I currently use Archicad, but haven't used Maxwell in a while. We are currently looking into
purchasing Maxwell to speed up the pipeline. I recall that Maxwell was quite slow to render.
Can you use distributed renderfarm?

Does anyone have information on speed, applying materials etc in Maxwell. Also, what do
you do to add planting? I currently use Archicad/Max/Vray.
By Neil Evans
I use Archicad and Maxwell. Adding materials is easy, and yes you can distribute render.

Planting is a little problem as Archicad can't handle polycount of most trees although I have just scene that VBvisual have brought a set out, but 500euros is a bit steep!! I tend to make my own using a script I have created.


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