By rendek
Hi Pavol,

I believe currantly the plug-in does not support instances. Are you planning on introducing this feature soon?


By pelias
You are right - instancing is not supported. The reason behind that is that it is not really possible to get instancing information from ArchiCAD. In theory it should be simple - if you use the same library object multiple times than this object should be instanced. However the problem is that information on individual objects is not available for rendering add-on in ArchiCAD - only a list of faces without any connection to 2D plan. The reason behind that (as claimed by Graphisoft) is that it is not possible to do more as only pieces of objects might be visible (e.g. in case of Booleans or marquee tool).
By rendek
hmmm thanks, Pavol. Unfortunately makes kind of sense if I think about it.
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!