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By .ST3.
hey guys,

i have only just started learning archiCAD, and want to use it with maxwell. I normall use it(maxwell) with Cinema 4d, which is a great plugin with really fine control possible.

Just wondering is there anything i need to know about the archicad it able to give good control or should i just use it as a mxm exporter to studio?

if so how do i export an mxs on its own (was able to render with maxwell and take the mxs generated from there but could not find the control to export an mxs on its own

also to apply materials when i checked the readme it said to set a maxwell material for a normal archiCAD material that the only way to use them, replace normal materials?

thanks in advance,

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By .ST3.
found the export mxs option....pretty obvious and very embarrased i missed it! :lol:
By pelias
I am glad you find the export option.

In terms of materials - Maxwell materials are integrated into material list of ArchiCAD. Just change the rendering engine to Maxwell and you get the Maxwell options. You can use Maxwell MXM's for fine control or you can just apply basic Maxwell material settings in the dialog.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!