By adri
Has the current plugin been tested on OS X Leopard?

I can't get it to work.

Please NL can you give an answer as I've got work to do with the plugin. (Our Commercial version as opposed to my educational version)


By adri
here's a screenshot of the problem...

By adri

This thread was started on Wednesday. I've got work to do with Maxwell and it'd be nice if someone from the team could please reply.

Thank you

By adri

Please could someone from NL reply to this post/issue?

By adri
si lo digo en español me haran caso?

por favor...dime si el plugin por archicad funciona con Leopard?

y si no, cuando vais a hacer q funciona?

By adri
Why is this thread not getting any reponse?

Please NL take the time to reply.

By adri
go boil your madrileño heads then!!!
By adri


By pelias
Sorry for late response - as far as I know there are no problems running Maxwell and Maxwell add-on for ArchiCAD on Leopard. Can you describe your problem in bigger detail? Does the problem occur for all scenes? Can you reproduce it even for simple scenes (couple of walls/floors only)? I wonder whether the problem is project related...

By adri
when you hit the render button in ArchiCAD nothing happens.

the same plugin works fine in Tiger.

MAC Pro Quad Core Intel.

I'll try again tomorrow on a simple scene but I'm sure it'll fail.

Many thanks.

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By Daniel Hruby
Do a search for MXCL. Make sure you have only ONE copy on your system. It is possible you have a download folder somewhere or a previous copy still sitting on your system. You can archive old versions if you want to keep them just in case, but make sure you delete and empty trash
By arashi
I have the same problem as Adri.

When I hit render from Archicad on Mac with Leopard nothing happens. Have tried to search for multiple copies... that didnt help.
Its working perfectly from 10.4...
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By Daniel Hruby
Will the MXS get generated at least?

In the render settings in ArchiCAD, Try setting the image path to your Documents folder and see if the render will start. I have had problems where the render will not start unless I have the path set to the documents folder.
By arashi
The MXS is not generated, and the image path is set to documents folder (discovered this problem in 10.4 so im aware of it). When I hit Render in AC it brings up the usual AC-render window. Normally mxcl would take over from here, but nothing happens.
By pelias
Any chance that log file is generated? If the .mxs file is not exported than the export fails and there is no way to start the rendeirng. BTW - the log file should be in the same folder as .mxs file and it should have .log extension.

Does the problem occurs for all projects or just for some of them?




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