By stebehan
is there maybe an more easy way to see maxwell materials in the 3D window of ArchiCAD then to load a material and then change the texture of the internal rendering engine so it suits the material....?

It would be cool if I could just load the material and ArchiCAD recognizes it at once!?
By pelias
Let me clarify this a little bit.

Maxwell material specification is significantly different to ArchiCAD internal materials. It is clear not all of Maxwell material parameters can be converted to AC internal materials. Some of the material properties (color, texture) can be converted though so it make sense to update them in AC internal material once MXM file is loaded - after all color/texture is the main feature what you use to identify the material in 3D view of AC.

This should be available in the next version of ArchiCAD plugin.

By rendek
That sounds fantastic! Thanks for the info, Pavol!
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!