By Nicolas Rivera
Hello Pavol, i'm using archicad 10 in a intel mac and i'm having big trouble with the plugin. First, textures do not appear in the render, even when i make the material and apply it to the object, second, every camera if out of focus and i think it is because of scale problems.

Is there any way you can help me, maybe i'm doing something wrong.

Thank you.
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By Daniel Hruby
Can you post a screenshot of your plug in settings? And is you camera target set on the point you want to be in focus?
By justinj1023

Your camera settings should be 10 times less. For example- 3.6 for the film width instead of 36 and 2.4 for the film height instead of 24.

I don't have a clue as far as your textures go.

Hope this helps.

By pelias
The texture bug is a known one on OSXIntel - it was fixed already and the fix is available in the recent release of the plugin (from June 5th).

In terms of depth of field - there are 2 issues to keep in mind:
- Set the camera target properly in ArchICAD - this specifies the focusing distance of the camera so if you set it wrong the image will be out of focus
- Make sure you have enough depth-of-field in your camera settings - in general (if you are not familiar with camera settings) use higher f-stop values (11 or 16 - and longer shutter times to compensate for that).

Hope this helps.


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