I rendered a first view out of Rhino5, up to SL11, then from the same Rhino file, I rendered a second view after stopping the first render and saving the MXI (in order to resume it later, at night)
After rendering the second for some hours, I stopped it and saved it's MXI too. Now I resumed the first MXI to render at night.

The first MXI now gives an image where the two files are visible at once... what's happening here? I've had this happen before!

http://www.flickr.com/photos/68335713@N ... hotostream
The second time you rendered, it wrote over the first MXS. So when you resumed the 1st MXI, it read from the MXS that was different. Make sure that if you plan to resume an MXI, you save an MXS with it that it will use to resume.
The problem is that you are resuming a mxi made from a different mxs with different geometry but the same name. So Maxwell thinks the mxs is the same (as it has the same name) but it is not; nevertheless it starts adding new light information to the old mxi that comes from the most recent scene file (which has different geometry).

Putting all together: Don't hit resume when you are not resuming anything but making a new render.
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