By brodie_geers
Regarding instances, I'll just paste something I mentioned in another thread.

Only instances of the object you have currently selected will show up on screen (some report that even if you have multiple objects selected only the instances stemming from one of those objects shows up). I also vaguely remember being able to work with instances in instance mode in v1.7. In v2 that doesn't seem to be working. Once an instance is created in studio it can't be manipulated, moved, etc. My work around for now is that I'll place an object, create and instance, move the object, create an instance, etc. Of course if you mess up, you're screwed. I think the only way to get rid of an instance is to delete the root geometry and start over.

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By tom
Have you tried instance selection mode?
By brodie_geers
Wow, tom, you dug deep for this one. Looks like that was a year ago. I recently did some work with instances and I don't remember any of these issues I mention being the case. I was able to manipulate, rotate, and change scale of instances. I suspect back then I didn't know about instance selection mode :oops:

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