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By Steven Houtzager
I am doing an interior rendering using Maxwell. The view has some windows that are in the view. It is easy to get a night rendering, but I would also like to do a day rendering. I have found that the only way to light the outside is to turn on either Physical Sky or Sky Dome which greatly increases the noise / rendertime. Is there some way to light the outside with an emitter? My tests have not been successful.


By pelias
The answer is yes and now. The problem here is that in case you are describing most of the illumination in the room is caused by indirect light - the light coming from outside but being reflected of the walls/floors to illuminate the "dark" part of the room. To capture the indirect lighting is what causes long rendering times and noise (this is the part which is typically neglected in other rendering engines which means shorter rendering times but lower quality of lighting...

Now you can simulate the light coming from windows using area lights (either windows themselves or positioned outside) but it is a bit tricky - you will always trade rendering times for quality and experience with lighting will help to get this right (where right means that the lighting in the room will be acceptable).

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!