By pelias
As far as I know formZ doesn't have render region tool itself - that makes it harder to develop one for Maxwell. It might be still possible, I will investigate this further.

By medmonds
FormZ DOES have a render-region ability... it's a little checkbox under the options for Renderzone called "set image size." Although this doesn't sound like a render-region type of option, it is.
By Gary
Hello Pavol:

Matt is correct about the "set image size" in formZ. The only downside to their implementation is that it will only render at screen resolution.

By pelias
I see - I wasn't aware of that...

I will check SDK whether it is accessible for Maxwell plugin. If it is, than the implementation should be simple.

By Gary
Hello Pavol,

any new information on the 2 issues mentioned in this thread—

1. render region from form-z plug-in

2. pre-compute the changes in focal length between Z and Maxwell



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