By flower

I'm trying to output an object QuicktimeVR movie from FZ v6.6.1, using the Maxwell render engine in the pull down menu in the Generate QuicktimeVR option from the FormZ menu Display>Generate Quicktime VR.

All I get is a wireframe object QuicktimeVR and one Maxwell render output of the current screen view.

Is this supposed to work with Maxwell, ie, produce all the frames and assemble the movie automatically? (I dont want to have to set up all the frames manually and then find some program to stitch it all togther to make an object QuicktimeVR)

I'v posted in the FZ forum and it's thought to be a Maxwell issue. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Mac Octo 2.8, 10Gb Ram, FZ 6.6.1
Maxwell 1.7.1
By pelias
QuickTimeVR rendering in Maxwell is currently not supported - thus formZ will use wireframe rendering as a replacement. I am investigating how difficult it would be to support QuickTime VR ...

By flower

Thanks for the answer. Will be interested to hear if this can be supported. Look forward to hearing your conclusions.

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By mojo
hallo nl-team,
is there something new to tell about quicktime vr and formz ? it would be
important and great, to offer this feature to our clients in the near future....
By pelias
Unfortunately QuickTime VR rendering using Maxwell is not possible at this time.

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