By medmonds
I cannot get the formZ->Maxwell plugin to Render figures that came from Poser WITH their texture maps...

My process is as follows:
Export figures from Poser 7 to OBJ format.
Import OBJ with the option to import texture maps.

The models render just fine in formZ IF I don't do any type of surface manipulation to screw up the UV mapping. This is a bit of a bummer, since there is often too much detail for my purposes, but I digress.

They do NOT however render in Maxwell. When I try to initiate a Maxwell render from the plug-in, formZ seems to get stuck processing the model and NO MXS or exported textures are created. I'm guessing that the plug-in doesn't like the kid of UV mapping that comes from Poser...

Is there any work-around to this? Can I pass the OBJ files through another program to bake the textures to the mesh in a different way that Maxwell likes?

Please HELP!
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By Mihai
How many of these figures do you need in the scene? Because you don't really have to optimize their geometry if you have enough ram to handle the scene. You can also import the objs directly in Studio and place them there.

It would help Pelias if you upload one of the FormZ files that don't export properly.
By medmonds
You're right about the polygon count for scenes with only a few characters. For the project I'm currently working on I can probably get by with the fully detailed originals. For the long-run though, I like to have 2-3 versions of each figure in my library at different resolutions.

Regarding the topic of the post, I have a feeling that the problem with the plug-in not rendering the poser figure is unrelated to poly-count since this occurs in a new file with ONLY one poser figure, and 3 "studio" emitter planes.

I tried your suggestion to import the OBJ directly into Studio, but the figure imported with only one generic material (a default white) applied to all the objects. Do I have to create new MXMs for each map, and then reassign them to each body part? If so, that sounds like too much work :(

The poser figures in OBJ format with all their texture maps are huge... the geometry is over 20 megs, and the main figure map is 4.5 megs. Imported in formZ the file size drops to about 13 megs...I'd gladly upload it if this isn't too big. Where do I do that?

FWIW, I'm still plodding along with formZ 6.1.2... Does that matter?
By pelias
I will look at the file as soon as I get it - I've sent you the information on upload in PM.
medmonds wrote:FWIW, I'm still plodding along with formZ 6.1.2... does that matter?
No it shouldn't. Both formZ versions share the same code, they just differ in the SDK used.

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