By big K

after installing the plugin to winXP64 and formZ64 bit, i set up a test scene.
when i try to render i get the message mxcl.exe not found.
maybe the path is not set up properly ?
but checking the maxwell_root path under the system settings shows the right location and it is possible to start the mxcl.exe with the created desktop shortcut.

By big K

does not seem to help.
i have setup both of the paths decribed there
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By 4 HeRo
and reboot your system :wink:
By big K

now this helped. thank you.
you have to set a maxwell_root path also in the second list.
and reboot. :-)

btw. have you seen my topic about the attributes files missing in the windows plugs ? the old files do not work (at least under XP64)

By nachob
Yes, I think that is also another bug. We will solve it as soon as possible if so.

By big K
o.k. thank you.

maybe you only have to add the files to the download folder, as the files are just not in the downloaded archives.

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