By davidhard
I seem to be having a problem with the plugin where I will assign .mxm materials to objects in FormZ only to get and error message when maxwell is launched using the plugin. It looks like it is having problems finding some of the maps that some of the materials are using. I usually have to open the .mxs file in the studio ap and point it to the folder where the maps are kept.
I've already tried fixing this two ways:

1.) I set up a project folder where I keep all of the FormZ, .mxs, and .mxm files with their maps and never move anything out of that folder.

2.) I've set up a project folder where I only keep the FormZ file and the .mxs files and I keep all of the materials I've created in the materials database folder in the Maxwell application folder on my hard drive.

The same thing happens both ways even when I try using the materials that came one the Maxwell disk. I just get and error message in the console in maxwell that it can't find some map for some material and then it just wont render.

Is there a certain file structure that I am supposed to be using so this doesn't happen?

Thanks in advance!
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