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By mojo

my problem:

i want to use shift lens. but it works only with postive values. what do i wrong?

(i need to vizualize a buliding from a normal eye-point (1.80 m)with two point perspective. view point and eye point have the same value in my settings...)
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By Mihai
It should work with negative values as well. If it's not possible to do this in the plugin for now, import the scene into Studio and set the shift from the camera params panel.
By fv
i have tried shift a bit but the whole scene just moved in relation to my screen, the image did not shift really as a TC would do. I could not get the advantage of it. Am I wrong in how to use it. For now I just clip the images in Photoshop. Have just bought a tilt shift for my Canon 5D and love it. Wish something simular would be possible for Maxwell. I can also use blowup region but then I have all random images since the region can not be specified to the same area so easily.

I hope I am not asking for the obvious but shifting the camera in relation to my computer screen does not seem to make any sense.
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By Mihai
Did you first level your camera? The camera target and camera should be at the same height to get a two point perspective and have the vertical lines parallel. Then you can shift the image up or down, without having to move the camera. This is what a shift lens does also in real life too, it moves the image plane falling on the film.
By fv
i got confused with the yellow lines around the frame, they just don't show the rendered frame. The rendering actually is fine when shifted as intended.

Will use this feature now all the time, thanks a lot. Its of course not needed to align the camera just for the feature to work but just if you want to see perspective control.
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