By Peder
I'm thinking about project management. Having experienced a server restructure recently that broke all my projects I'm thinking that I would like to keep all files necessary to work with a project inside the project folder.

The problem is when experimenting with mats it would be cool to use a central library as starting point.

Can you access the pack and go feature from the command line? Or would you consider creating such a function from the plugin? It would move all materials to the project folder and change all the search paths.

By Gary
reading old posts and came across this one.

Anyone care to share their best workflows for resolving this problem.

While copying all materials into the project folder seems best for project management it gets disorganized for overall materials management.


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By juan
Gary wrote: While copying all materials into the project folder seems best for project management it gets disorganized for overall materials management.
I agree copying materials to the project folder could be an option but it might become a mess. It would be really useful if you explain here your daily workflow so we can think in ways to improve it for the next update of the plugin.


By Gary
Hello Juan:

A few random thoughts as I have reflected on workflow...

1. given that many of my maxwell MXM's use textures, it would be nice if each time I create a new MXM, or modify settings of an existing MXM, that when I choose "save as" to create a new MXM, then MXED offered the option to copy the textures into a new folder with the new MXM.

I would rather have duplicate textures stored with the MXM than MXM's with textures stored in remote folders.

2. when MXCL opens and can not find textures it stops the rendering and the console reports the first texture it can not find. It would be helpful if it reported all the textures it could not find.

3. it would be great if a "pack and go" functionality could be built into the plug-in. If I could from within the plug-in round up all the MXM's and their textures and put them in one folder that would be helpful.

4. I work on 2 different computers. If there was a way I could move a project from one computer to the other and not loose all the paths to MXM's that would be helpful.

5. please add grey color interface option to MXCL (available in studio and MXED). The contrast of existing interface is not very legible.

6. in MXCL when choosing file/save image, provide a pull down menu in the dialog box to choose all available file formats (jpg, tif, bmp etc)

7. the plug-in still does not translate formz bump material settings very well.

Thanks for your consideration of these suggestions. I am happy to discuss them further.

By Gary
Hello Juan:

Any comments on the ideas listed below...?

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By juan
Hi Gary,

We like your ideas and we will try to implement most of them in future updates :)

About (7), could you be more specific? what would you like to change?

Thanks a lot!


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