By medmonds
I'm sure this has been asked before... Please someone point me to the thread :)

When I click render scene in the formZ plugin, the MXS file gets created where I've specified, but the MXCL application never launches. If I open the MXS in studio, or by dragging it onto MXCL, it renders fine. Something just seems to be broken between FZ and MXCL.

This has happened to me since the beta days.
FZ 5.5.3MP (installed fresh yesterday)
Maxwell 1.1 (UB)
MaxwellZ plugin (latest)
MBP 2.13 ghz, 2 GB
By dkessler

I seem to remember having the same problem until I copied my "license.dat" file into Maxwell/MacOS/License.dat

Rock on,
By medmonds
Thanks for the suggestion Dan, but it still aint working. I thought you were on to something :(

Any other ideas?
By medmonds
Nevermind... I figured it out. It works fine on a new file with only a cube in it.

Looks like some element or some texturing on elements in my existing FZ file are to blame. If I clear all the texture controls in my FZ file maybe it will work... or facet all my smooth objects. BBL.
By medmonds
A follow up on the problem of MXCL NOT starting automatically when initiated by FormZ.

I think I've definitively chased down the problem...
It has to do with the length of characters in the path designated to the output MXS and IMG files.

I've tested it backwards and forwards by taking the scene thats been NOT rendering and re-pathing the output MXS and IMG files to directory higher up (fewer characters in the combined path) and it works fine. If I then change the path to be "deeper" my directory structure, it fails again. Changing it back to a "higher" level makes it work again.

I think the directory path must be les than 48 characters for it to work.

Can you reproduce this Juan?
By dkessler

I'm reproducing the problem on my Mac, and the "fix" as you describe.

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By juan
Hi all,

Due an internal issue that we have to deal with to convert hfs/osx we have to limit the length of the paths used. It must have less than 256 characters; we will try to fix it for the next version, sorry for the confusion.

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