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By rivoli
go oneshot go. falling apart emitters, the last frame is great.
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By abgrafx3d
Nice one oneshot! :D
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By tom
Oneshot is the blaster :D
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By Hervé

I can already smell Xmas trees....
By Gear
Tutto in un ora?? Ma devi avere una gran bella macchina! Cmq mooolto belle le immagini! :D
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By michaelplogue
Groovy! Let's see the animation....... :P
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By tom
amazing again :D can't wait to see an animation!
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By cyberjuls
Particles war is open !!! give me xsi pluggin please :cry:
So we could strike back :lol:
really nice one ;)
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By jotero
WOW very nice oneshot :)
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