Send us your record-breaking works according to the categories inside. We will post them if a record is broken.
Hello. This is my record attempt, and until the rest of the guys present proof, I think is the record:
and my proof:
Tha data is in the main image, I don´t have the MXI file size, but I´ll post it in a few hours. I hope this counts, hehehhe. BTW, the two metal statues look black in some sopots because I mapped the mxi in a quarter of emisphere and the sky was black, Next time I´ll use a full sphere. CC welcome.
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By victor
How many memory has your system?
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By Fernando Tella
Hi! I'm working on a scene that has 3 buildings and some 3d trees surrounding it (which increase the number of polys dramatically). When I try to render I have to hide many of them in order not to run out of memory. I've managed to render up to 2.7M triangles (maxwell counted) but not much more. When max is creating geometry it says that the application has run out of memory and closes. Do you know what kind of memory is it talking about? RAM, virtual,... (RAM I guess) cause I have 4GB ddr2 too and cannot manage to render as much polys as you Falconking.
Maybe I have not configured properly my windows and it's not taking advantage of all the RAM I have installed.
Do you have any advice for me?


Shocked Fer.
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By Fernando Tella
Well, in fact windows says I have only 3GB and max says I'm using most of it (~2.9), which is probably the problem.
Do you know how to fix this windows issue?

P.S: Sorry, maybe this is not the best place to post my questions.
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By Fernando Tella
That's a known windows XP pro problem. BIOS detect 4GB. Which windows are you using? Maybe I have to move to windows server. :roll:
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