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By ivox3
Seriously thanks everyone. :oops:

Since everyone seems to dig the 3rd one, .... I updated the first page with a larger resolution. --- not crazy big, ....but bigger. :)

Fernando ...... he should, .....I'm sure he had no idea this was coming. :lol:
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By def4d
wow the greeble one is great, have you got a colored version?
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By ivox3
Thx ......

Well there is no color version, .. but that's not a bad idea --- I may just do one. ;)
By knurrebusk
I´ve been fighting the urge to use displacement maps all of my artist life, tend to hard model all my thoughts.

But modelling is just tool`s you need to shape.
So perhaps this is a new working tool.
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By ivox3
I just came back from the International Convention on CG Ethical Affairs and there was a unanimous decree that displacement maps have been sworn in for legitimate usage, ..globally.
It's safe to use them now ....

by the way, ... this was all pure, unadulterated, non-contaminated, triangular madness based geometry. :)
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