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By ivox3
7 mil triangles with the Ivy Generator.....
[sl=12 @ 15min || sl=18 @ 3hours][8cores]
BM: 302.65



and this greeble like one ......

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By 4 HeRo
Oh so nice :D
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By NicoR44
By sandykoufax

Why don't you use your nice Homemade Ass Kicer xZ processor?

With that monster, you can finish it within 1 min. :lol:

The first one looks like a wig,

and the second looks like a jellyfish,

and the last one looks like ash hill.

Very nice use of ivy. :D
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By ivox3
...thanks thanks all. ;)

Sandy -- it looked the same at 10 minutes, ...I just fell asleep. :lol:

** Your too funny,.... I mispelled 'kicker' as 'kicer' and now your perpetuating that typo ! LMAO. :lol:
By sandykoufax
No, I found that 'Ass kicer xZ' processor as well as 'Ass kicker xZ' processor in the list of Benchwell site. :lol:

I thought you have made it as upgraded version. :lol:
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By tom
Did you hear the noise coming off from the barriers? :D I agree 3rd one rocks!
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By iker
WOW! Amaizing! :shock: Love all of them but specialy the greeble one (...ivy generator as well?)
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By -Adrian
Very interesting ivox, i should give that ivy generator a try.

edit: i meant "ivox", ixov is your brother from the Ukraine.
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By ivox3
Iker / Adrian ....... thanks. :)

Tom: Appreciate it .....and thanks for moving me ! :)
By raja
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By dutch_designer
Wow, that last one is pretty cool, so how long before you start rendering sanddunes where the dunes are actually sand particles :D
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By Tim Ellis
Cool work mate. 8) The second one looks like wierd jellyfish or something and the third is stunning.

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