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By JDHill
Hi all,

Just doing a bit of v1.0 stress testing (Audis again :roll: ) :


Scene info:

- not my model
- rendered directly from Rhino (Rhinoll plugin)
- resolution: 3200x1600
- num triangles: 7,891,996
- voxelization time: 7m 57s
- memory usage: 2.63GB
- paint: ferrari_red.mxm & ae_yellow.mxm

Initially ran a version @ 680x400 with no materials and skydome -> sl 11 in less than 6m with a benchmark of 134.91...I'll post the hi-res of this image on rapidshare in a couple of hours. 8)

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By Voidmonster
One of the things I noticed during the RC process was that number of polygons had almost no effect on render speed.

I think I may have to either install Windows 64 or do that 3 gig switch. I could make very good use of having 4million+ poly models. It'd mean I could just export directly from ZBrush without doing all the displacement dancing or screwing around with normals or bump maps.
By JDHill
...yup, gotta use /3GB for sure...I'm on XP Pro 32bit using it, but even so, this model is at the very edge...200px more and it's over-memory. :|

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By Voidmonster
I think the 3 gig switch will be my afternoon project...

I should also probably think about moving from 3 gigs of ram to 4.
By JDHill
Hi again all,

I forgot to post this earlier:

v1.0 | sl: 12 | t: 5h 32m | b: 66.12

no postwork -> just saved as 97% quality .jpg from .png to fit on the image server

Didn't have time to let it go any longer, but beauty wasn't the point of this test...still, not exactly bad for 5.5h on 2 cores. :D

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By andretto
JDHill wrote:still, not exactly bad for 5.5h on 2 cores. :D


yeah, but try to put them into an indoor space, no so well naturally lit... :?

hey stellaaaaaa!
By JDHill
andretto wrote:hey stellaaaaaa!
andretto indoor space, no so well naturally lit... mean like a car showroom with black-out drapes? :wink: ...yeah, I know...but like I said this test was more about the polycount.

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By aitraaz
Yep, and can we have two alfa romeos instead of the audis yo?
By JDHill
...nope, but if I ever get some time... 8)

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