Any features you'd like to see implemented into Maxwell?
By smeggy
I know there are plans to use the MXI format as HD maps etc. Will there be any kind of editor to allow us to make our own MXI light probe type environment maps similar to the HDR workshop so we can use true environment mapping as a sky option. I really like the method of rendering items in real world environments, especially if I can make my own with the help of a chrome sphere and camera or a fisheye lens (real, not CG). Hdr mapping is great for getting good realistic environmental reflections and lighting for interior objects.
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By oscarMaxwell
Yes, in the Maxwell stand alone interface, there will be a tool for editing MXI.
By smeggy
Excellent, thanks.
By smeggy
Now that we can use MXI textures, any chance of a quick HDRI>MXI converter? :wink: hehe

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