Any features you'd like to see implemented into Maxwell?
By Holger Schoemann

is it possible to open a board for testrenderings?
So users can show their tests and tell more about the settings they used.
It would be very helpfull in learning "Maxwell".
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By andronikos916
What does this mean? I think that you can upload your image at max or maya thread and we can all see it ask about settings etc...

I do not think that Maxwell needs a thread like Render Settings... Actually what render settings? only bounces are there really and caustics that you can control...

It would make more sence to me to open a Material thread with sub categories:

Emmiters (e.g lamp at 3560K etc.)
Metals (Car paints etc.)
Plastics ( ...hmmm)
Glasses (frosted glass - etc.)

anyway I will copy that at the wish list so Victor can see it...

By Holger Schoemann
Hi andronikos916,

I´m a c4d-user and find it interessting to have a board where I can found some hints, how to setup maxwell. I know there are still not many settings, but I hope there will come more .......... :wink:

I think the max and maya board are for problems with the exporting of the scenes to maxwell.

But if we have a small dokumentation for maxwell, some questions are gone :wink:
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By andronikos916
we can post to the rendering thread ...
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