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Camera Bookmark / GotoView for improved workflow + MultiLight improvements

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2021 2:51 am
by Mark Bell
We work in Studio doing predominantly architectural and ID projects. If working on an exterior scene, for example, it's usual to want to create various lighting scenarios not only for the current environment settings but also for different dates and times and from different camera view points within the same file. Currently, if say camera1 is set to a morning shot around the solstice and camera2 an afternoon shot for the equinox and so on for other camera views, all these settings need to be set up manually each time a different camera is selected.

Wishlist 1: Allow each camera (or another feature) to also save all the environment and light settings applied for the current camera view. This would then allow a user to quickly switch between cameras and these parameters would then automatically be turned on/off accordingly eliminating the need to go back through and adjust the various settings each time a different camera is made active. The same applies for interior scenes which can include various cameras and artificial and external lighting. Switching between camera views would turn on/off the relevant lighting and environment settings improving the workflow.

We love the Multilight feature but it's presently limited to the preset environment settings at the time of render.

Wishlist 2: Add the ability to dynamically change the day/month within Multilight to allow lighting examples to be produced for various selected dates throughout a typical year and from dawn to dusk etc. all from the one render, ie. be able to move the position of the sun. A prerequisite may be that Maxwell Sky has to be on for this to work?

There are numerous times where a handful of entities need to be isolated quickly for test renders or using FIRE and then go back to a selected camera view with a full scene. Some camera views have certain layers on/off compared to other cameras and once there are multiple cameras in a scene remembering what layers and what lighting and environment settings are on/off for each camera becomes time consuming to reset each time. If each camera includes the ability to 'bookmark' the scene and remember which layers are on/off and the various lighting and environment settings, then users can set up a test-render camera which only has the selected layers needed whilst textures are applied and scaled etc. for test rendering then revert back to a full scene from one of the main camera views. Using the right-mouse click to isolate selections works okay to show only the selected entities but there doesn't appear to be a way to revert back to pre-selected camera views? Adding the above wishlist 1 would add this time-saving feature.