Any features you'd like to see implemented into Maxwell?
Summarising the 4 animation options available inside Studio includes a full or partial rotation around a circle or arc for the camera, object and environment plus animating the sun's orbit.

1. Add the option to increment (+ or - values) the radius of rotation, effectively defining a horizontal spiral, for camera and object,
2. Add the option to increment (+ or - values) the vertical height distance, effectively defining a 3D spiral, for camera and object. This would allow an animation around a building either descending or ascending ,
3. Add the option of animating the camera along the x, y, z axis as per animating the object, - can be useful for interiors and close-ups/effects,
4. Add the ability to animate the camera DOF allowing focus on near to far objects,

Also - typo in the Export Animation Window - 'ender' = Render. (running Studio).
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