Any features you'd like to see implemented into Maxwell?
In most situations the scenes set up in Studio include multiple cameras producing multiple separate still renders from various viewpoints. These can be interior or exterior views, sometimes both in the one MXS file. The problem arises when there are lots of objects, and not all are required to be ON in every view, or the sun or time of day changes with different camera views. Picking a camera only restores the camera settings for that view. In some camera views, certain objects need to be turned on/off for that particular view, but given the large number of Objects/layers in the file, it gets difficult to remember which objects should be on/off for a particular camera view. In our DataCAD system, it uses GotoViews or Bookmarks which record ALL the active settings for a specific view. This then allows a user to quickly go to a specific view and all the stored parameters are made active for that view.

The wishlist would be to add another column in the Attributes Panel for the saved Camera's, which could be named GotoView (GTV) or Bookmark. A user would select a saved camera and the option of a GTV/Bookmark. This would then save all the active settings including what objects/layers are on/off, the environment settings (where the sun is, time of day, month etc., IBL or Maxwell sky and so on). By scrolling through each saved camera, with saved GTV's, all the relevant view settings would then by quickly restored and reduce wasted time rendering only to find an object should have been turned on/off before starting the render. It also allows users to create WIP camera views on particular parts of a scene allowing only a handful of objects/layers to be saved so materials or other setup work can be done for test renders prior to picking a camera GTV to restore a full scene for rendering.
Hello Luis,

This sounds promising. It may even be simplified further from my earlier post by automatically having each camera save these settings so that they are restored when a selected camera is made active? Something like this would certainly improve the workflow.
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