Any features you'd like to see implemented into Maxwell?
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By Nasok
Hey guys, just recently did quite a lot of look-dev and I figured out it would be great to have a snapshot feature for FIRE window.

The way I see it is that when you launch FIRE, at some point you could click the "snapshot icon" to save the snapshot (could be saved in project folder / snapshots) and once you have more than one - you could disable live preview from FIRE and just compare the snapshots.

Very useful for material tweaking, and specifically for tweaking the settings and cameras, lights.
I'm not a developer, but as far as I understand it shouldn't require any major addition to the engine - just a basic screenshot functionality.
Something like this:


just a quick mock-up of how it could potentially look like.
And, would be great to add like functionality to export snapshots, to do a comparison between two with a slider, and that each snapshot would potentially display overplayed text with basic info (like camera set up, render time, and maybe custom text field)

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By Nasok
This could be an extra function to display some of the information on top of the snapshots :) There should be a tricky way to identify what exactly you want to show - in case if you have like 3 layers and 5 BSDFs :)
It could be something like this:
3 - 50 /colour swatch / colour swatch / 1 / 3 / 0 / 50 / 0
2 - 40 /colour swatch / colour swatch / 1 / 3 / 0 /25 / 0
1 - 10 /colour swatch / colour swatch / 1 / 3 / 0 /50 / 0
basically list the numbers after on another. :)
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By Leonardo Giomarelli
Yes it would be even more useful .....
Having a preview with a brief description of the material settings helps you to quickly understand.
Now for the realization of my materials I use this table where I take note of the settings of the material and going ahead I note the changes comparing the results of the various renderings on Photoshop ....


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By Nasok
Pretty nice.
Well in our case, in Maxwell for Maya plug-in we have this "notes" function where you can add extra notes to the material. (swatch options on top of the material panel)


Basically the way over-layed text could work is to display what ever is on that notes dialog box. and there could be just a simple icon which you click and all information from your material stack get's displayed there as a plain text. with info from all the layers and bsdfs (with your names) + custom notes.

would be nice :)
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