Any features you'd like to see implemented into Maxwell?
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By Mark Bell
1. I'd like to see a Maxwell plugin for DataCAD (architectural software) which has around 250,000 seats worldwide and was voted best architectural software for user satisfaction in the G2Crowd annual survey comparison. Right now we have to use 3DS or DXF to export and import to Studio. It works, but a direct link would be better and it expands Maxwell's user base to include another software.

2. Improving MR's animation options would be helpful. The current rotation/spin is okay but adding a simple spline path would allow more options for presentation and keep up with the way the market now wants realism in both renders and animation/VR.

3. DataCAD allows GTV's (Goto Views or bookmarks) which record all the relevant settings for a scene/point in the model including which layers are on/off etc. This would be useful in Studio where multiple cameras are assigned but different layers , lighting, and others settings may differ depending on the camera used. A toggle could be added to record/save all the current settings on a per-camera basis so they automatically become a GTV/bookmark by default? This would make it a lot easier working in a single MS file but using multiple cameras allowing the user to rely on the settings saved with each camera rather than having to manually turn on/off layers and adjust other settings each time a camera is changed,
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By Mark Bell
4. The latest Blender 2.79 no longer works with MR. We only use Blender to define animation paths so this may be another reason for MR to implement its own built-in animation b-splines to improve on the current spin/rotate. This would allow MR to have more control over these features without having users rely on add-ons. Just a thought...

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