Any features you'd like to see implemented into Maxwell?
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By Asmithey
I found this in the user gallery:

The artists states he used B-Maxwell with v3...Take a read. I asked him on the Blender artists forum how he did this. I am under the impression the B-Maxwell add-on is still not ready for v3. Maybe he is testing it. Who knows.

I want to upgrade. I am itching to upgrade.....I almost did today. I was going to give in and try it with Form-Z...But I held out.
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By Asmithey
I don't think so. Because in the article he states....

Q: How easy/difficult was it to incorporate Maxwell Render in the 3D pipeline? Which other software and hardware did you use?

His quote:

A: From the start I had the idea of using Maxwell as the final renderer. I used the “bmaxwell” plugin, developed by Nildar, that allows a direct and precise link between Blender and Maxwell Render. On top of that I used Gimp for the textures and Blender for the final composition.

Maybe he exported it using B-Maxwell with v2 then opened the .mxs in v3.
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By AndreD
Fernando Tella wrote:Maybe he is just exporting obj files from Blender and using Studio for materials and lighting.
At least,
you could use the current V2 blender addon and use mw studio for rendering in V3.

I love blender, will do the upgrade as soon as there is a propper integration. :-)
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By Asmithey
Just got an email from source forge about a new b-maxwell....

Current version - 0.9.0 Compiled with Maxwell SDK 3.0.1 and Blender 2.71

It is here folks!!!!!!

Time for me Upgrade to MR v3.
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By Asmithey
Nope...not yet. I have to MR v3 first. Sometime this week.
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