Any features you'd like to see implemented into Maxwell?
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By AndreD
I´m close to update my mw licence,
great news, thanks al lot! :D

I´m just waiting for my new imac with retina to set it up with blender and maxwell 8)
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By AndreD
I still think, that it´s a big failing of nl, not to offer an official blender intergration like most other renders do.

I´m happy to see at least a great 3rd party integration of mw withing blender! :D
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By Blazko
Wow! I'm genuinely stunned! Awesome job!
By AlexP
Doh! Waiting for possibility to download! Hope prioxies will be there too (displaying them in viewport)!
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By Asmithey
Has any body heard from N. Ildar lately? Wondering if we will see a new BMaxwell release with Maxwell 3.1.0.

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By Asmithey
N.Ildar is close to releasing an update. I have been testing it with latest Blender build of 2.77 and Maxwell it has worked well. Have completed several projects with it.
By burnin
Great news!
Thank you.

ETA or Is there a possibility to test drive pre-release version?
By AlexP
def4d, but you can use alternative maxwell exporter made by carbon...
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