Any features you'd like to see implemented into Maxwell?
Summarising the 4 animation options available inside Studio includes a full or partial rotation around a circle or arc for the camera, object and environment plus animating the sun's orbit.

1. Add the option to increment (+ or - values) the radius of rotation, effectively defining a horizontal spiral, for camera and object,
2. Add the option to increment (+ or - values) the vertical height distance, effectively defining a 3D spiral, for camera and object. This would allow an animation around a building either descending or ascending ,
3. Add the option of animating the camera along the x, y, z axis as per animating the object, - can be useful for interiors and close-ups/effects,
4. Add the ability to animate the camera DOF allowing focus on near to far objects,

Also - typo in the Export Animation Window - 'ender' = Render. (running Studio).
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Just to add a bit more on the previous post -

1. Also include a sample of simple animation splines where a user drops one into Studio then moves it to the selected view. These could be as easy as two parallel lines or converging lines where the camera moves along one and focuses on a similar point along the second line with a quick preview in the camera window (wire frame or render).

2. The animation splines should also allow their horizontal position to be inclined so a sweep goes in an up or down movement.

3. Other spline shapes could be curved, spiral, S-form etc. to allow users to create a series of simple scenes then stitch them together to create a presentation sequence.

These would be most useful perhaps for architectural / design offices using Maxwell for building projects and prefer Maxwell over other software.
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